BNC Projects (Pty) Ltd is an engineering contractor and service provider registered with various government and private organisations. The firm is committed to quality service with the needs of the client enjoying top priority.

Our three divisions of Manufacturing, Mechanical Contracting and Trading conform to the same high standard of adding value through good quality products at market related prices. B.N.C. Projects manufacturing abilities encompasses high quality precision components from our machine shop as well as reliable repairs to mechanical equipment in our safety friendly workshop. The culture of working within strict safety standards is also maintained and adhered to in the mechanical contracting division, thus yielding favourable results that are consistent on each job. Trading of technical products and equipment allows our client's access to many high quality international manufacturers through exclusive representation agreements.

BNC Projects pledges itself to uphold and respect the South African Labour laws. Amongst others, we abide by the requirements of:
The Labour Relations Act
The Basic Conditions of Employment Act
The Employment Equity Act
The Skills Development Act

All production materials are purchased to specified requirements in order to ensure that manufactured products comply with the required specification.

Production materials called for in bnc Projects specifications will be clearly specified and described to assist in ensuring that these specifications are met. Where appropriate, suppliers of goods and services are assessed and if found acceptable are approved as bnc Projects suppliers. Records of all approved Suppliers are kept, making traceability easy. Where appropriate, bnc Projects will call for the right to verify material at source to ensure that they comply with required specifications.

The Management of bnc Projects is committed to a policy of continuous quality improvement throughout the company using the existing SABS ISO 9002: 1994 Quality Management System as a framework.

Our objectives in subscribing to this policy are to ensure that...
Our products consistently meet or exceed national and international specifications
Our customer's requirements with regard to product quality, cost and availability are satisfied
Our shareholders' expectations regarding return on investment are met
We do this while satisfying our employee's needs, minimising the safety risk and any negative impact on the environment and maintaining good relations with the local community

In order to achieve our objectives we shall...
Continuously Increase quality awareness
Continuously Improve our training methods